Preserving Real Connections

Understanding the impact and growth of human relationships through technological development.
Sept 2020– April 2021
Research & Strategy
User experience design
Editorial design
Research Question
How has the evolution of technology changed the way that humans interact with each other?

The inception of this study comes from my interest in studying human relationships. The foundation of good design is influence and I believe that it all comes back down to perception of others and society, and how relationships around different subjects are formed. Especially due to the circumstances in 2020, technology and digitization have become, more than ever,  a larger part of our lives.

The development of technology that has led to artificial intelligence has grown exponentially over that past 5 decades in a way that it has completely shaped and directed human life. With artificial intelligence observing humans, they learn and grow in order to become more effective and align with the needs that they are designed for.

The final scientific frontier is not outer space, but the boundaries of the human mind.

The scientific world recognizes that there are radical changes in the human brain due to our interaction with technology. Our heavy reliance on these advancements have blurred the lines between digital and reality, creating a hyperreality. In considering the future about a posthumanist and technological singularity, we must address the obstacles and challenges that accompany that for humans. Are humanist relationships affected by the heavy digitization of almost every aspect of our lives?

During my research and exploration it became clear that humans and technology are becoming more intertwined and codependent on each other. The goal is not to allow technology to take over and run our lives, but rather use it as a tool to remove latency between human connections. Becoming aware of interactions like this will improve user experiences and the quality of our relationships in the future.

How do we define quality connections?

This project began as an exploration into psychology and human relationships, but it soon progressed into analyzing the way the human brain has evolved as we interact and depend on technology more and more. The goal is for people to become more aware of the use of technology in their lives and how it impacts their relationship with digital tools as well as how it affects their interpersonal interactions with others.

Using design exploration to determine the most effective way to present this information.
Final piece
Print allows for a certain tangibility that will emphasize the intended experience for the user.

This book was intended for the user to understand the evolution of human relationships and become aware of the way digital technology has become integrated into our lives. I analyzed the different instances in which technology became prominent in changing the way humans communicate with each other and separated them into categories of life. This compels the reader to become aware of the way their connections with themselves and others has changed. The objective of the project was to create a reference for me, and others, to reflect and realize the importance of tangibility and interpersonal connections.


During my capstone project, I used typography, colour theory and visual language to create a story and communicate feelings towards my readers and became more aware of my relationship with technology and interactions with others. Organizing my research into relevant categories helped me get my main idea across without it becoming overwhelming with too much information. It is clear to me that when creating an experience, that the medium is just as important as the content.

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