Automating the home grow process.
May 2021
Research & Strategy
User experience design
Editorial design

This project is a redesign based on a project that I completed in 2019. LushPlant is a smart technology company that specializes in hydroponic home grow boxes powered by AIs to expand the self grow movement for users who are passionate about growing fresh, organic plants at home. LushPlant delivers the future of automated grow technology. Based in Toronto, Canada, this company is paving the way for innovative agricultural design and lifestyle.
In my second year of school, I was given the opportunity to take the lead in branding and designing the company’s image as well as the website and digital companion app that would allow users to interact with our product. This was my first experience working closely with developers to produce a finished product with a real user base.

My role

My role in this project was creating a modern and techy identity that would be applied to a website, an app, corporate stationary, packaging, and stickers. Our main priority was to develop an minimum viable product (MVP) to launch alongside the first generation of smart devices.
Upon reflection, I had little experience in designing mobile apps and that resulted in redesigning the product, 2 years and 2 jobs later.

Then vs now
MVP and user mapping
Visual design
Focusing on creating an intuitive and smart UI.

Through this process, I created a smart and techy product that aligns with the products.

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