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A single sign-on interface that allows content guest posting in the Puff network.
April 2021 – Ongoing
Research & Strategy
User experience design
Interaction systems
UI design
How can large publishing platforms receive content requests and submissions in an organized and effective way?

Puff Digital is a leader in the cannabis industry with over 25 owned and partnered publication platforms, such as PuffPuffPost, Skunk Magazine, and High Times. With so many platforms, it is difficult to monitor requests for content as well as guest content creators who wish to have their pieces published on our platforms. Requests often get lost in inboxes or get sent to the wrong people.


The objective with this product is to create a quick and easy digital platform where users can submit content pieces and select which platform they wish to be published on, or for users to purchase content by providing briefs for our editors to write. It will allow all requests to be in the same place and allow users to process payments quickly with little to no latency.

Research & competitive analysis

Understanding the need for this product vs existing platforms.

To understand the type of platforms that provided similar services and how to provide confident user flows, I analyzed companies like iCopify and Orders.Forbesmedia. These allowed me to understand standard practices for web apps that streamlines the process of ordering content online. This gave a more clear idea of an ideal user flow and layout design that will make this platform easy for first time users.

User flows

Through benchmarking companies, I established a user flow that removed the complexity and lack of responsiveness that emailing may entail. This includes status updates of content and when a submitted article has been approved or not. Key elements of this platform include submitting content, ordering content, a dashboard of an individual user's orders and a payment processor.


This platform is currently a work in progress. This case study will be updated periodically as the project continues.
Currently I am working as the lead UX/UI designer, collaborating with our developers to create the framework and related screens. My role includes developing a consistent UI design system that aligns with Puff Digital's branding, but expanding the colour palette and typography system to be applied to a web platform. While the backend of the project is being built, I am considering how the user would see the frontend of the platform, while our team can have access to a backend portal to review and edit submissions before publishing.
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