Creating a functional and thoughtful experience for pets and their owners.
February 2021 – April 2021
Research & Strategy
User experience design
Interaction systems
UI design

Why Cleo?

Current products on the market are limited in terms of global availability, pet comfort, functionality, and design. Cleo aims to address these issues by making a product and companion app that provides live-time tracking and communication between a pet and their owner.

People consider pets their family and with the increasing number of pet owners due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the growing assimilation of smart technology in our everyday lives, the demand for such a product in the pet market makes sense.


Create a simple, intuitive product and interface that will improve connection between pets and their owners.

Empathetic mapping & analysis
What pain points do users have in existing smart pet products?
Through competitive analysis and user interviews, it has become clear that there is a lack of accessibility of the current products on the market, whether geographical or financial. Existing smart collars that are limited in accessibility creates a lack of functionality and convenience for the users. As such, the objective of Cleo is to address these issues and create a solution.
The product
The product design is influenced by existing wearable smart technology, keeping comfort and functionality in mind.
The collar is made from a flexible and breathable silicone band, which allows the pet to move freely and comfortably. The product includes a screen to encourage responsiveness and feedback from the product, while providing identifiable information like a standard collar, while eliminating dangling tags. Using GPS and bluetooth technology, the collar can communicate health information to the linked cellphone. Should a pet run away, the GPS will provide live location updates despite the phone being out of bluetooth range.
Visual design

Creating an intuitive and clean UI.

Learning outcomes
Throughout this project, I learned how to balance standard UX & UI practices and creative input. It is important to keep complex apps familiar for new users, and using good, existing design to leverage common design practices in order to get a functional result.
I also took advantage of the chance for critiques from my peers and professor, and allowing their input to help improve design decisions.
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